AMC and Nexview Consulting are pleased to present a high-impact one day seminar on...

S&OP for Performance Improvement


Join us for a packed day of instruction, tools/templates, case studies, and knowledge sharing on the process that connects functions to “operationalise” business strategy.


  • Learn practical and globally proven techniques through a blend of instruction, case studies, exercises, and discussion
  • Benchmark your current planning process using Nexview best practice benchmarking tools
  • Learn the 8 Levers for S&OP Performance and how to use them
  • Hear the latest on IT enabling tools
  • Review case studies of leading companies
  • Learn techniques for project and change management
  • Walk out with tangible techniques that can be put to use the following day

    Directors, Managers, Individual Contributors who:
    • Are from supply chain, sales, operations, IT, product management, and finance functions
    • Want a review of best practices, but also want some new ideas and methods
    • Want to share their processes and learn about others
    • Want to improve effectiveness and business results
    • Want to be high-impact leaders in their organizations


    Session 1.

    Course Introduction & Objectives

    • · Delegate and instructor introductions
      · Delegate goals/desired items to get from the class
      · Discuss delegate experience, role within respective         organisation
      · Class logistics
      · Objectives and agenda review

      The Need for S&OP in Today’s Complex World

      •  Challenges companies are facing

        • Uncertainty and variability
        • Competition
        • Growth and cost pressures
        • The need to utilise accelerating IT enablement
        • Employee skill development

        · How companies are using S&OP to address challenges

        S&OP Overview

        • · What S&OP is and what it is doing for businesses
          · Fit with strategy and detailed planning processes
          · Meeting flow
          · Introduction to the 8 Nexview key levers to improve or implement S&OP
          · How S&OP can improve business results

    Session 2.
    The S&OP Process, Key Roles, and Design Parameters
    • · The S&OP calendar
      · The role of the sponsor, meeting owners, facilitator,         participants
      · Finance integration and the role of finance
      · S&OP design checklist
      · Designs and key components for each meeting in the S&OP flow

    Session 2 - Continued
    Exercise 1 – Benchmark Your Planning Process vs. S&OP Best Practices
    • · Use the Nexview S&OP Performance ArrowSM
      · Review where your company is relative to others



    Session 3
    S&OP Report Formats – What to Include
    • · Objectives of reports
      · Report hierarchies
      · Review sample report formats for each S&OP com

    S&OP Key Performance Indicators and Using Them Effectively
    • · KPIs companies are using
      · Share KPIs delegates are using at their companies
      · Sample scorecards
      · Techniques for using KPIs effectively

    Technology Requirements and Systems in the Marketplace
    • · IT requirements and features of systems
      · Data structures
      · Systems available in the marketplace
      · Advanced technologies impacting supply chain (e.g. AI, etc.)
      · Implementation considerations and watch points
      · Share what your company is doing in IT
      to support S&OP and learn what others are doing

    Session 4
    Globalising S&OP - Regional vs. Global

    • · Design considerations
      · Role & responsibilities
      · Dynamics between the region and corporate
      · Share how your process is regional and/or global and learnfrom others

      Case Studies – Practices of Leading Companies
      • · Design examples
        · Global S&OP
        · Challenges & outcomes

      A Methodology for Implementing in Your Organisation
      • · Steps in an S&OP implementation
        · How to structure a project
        · The importance of an assessment
        · What to expect in the first three meetings
        · Summary of tips and traps


      Change Management Techniques
      • · Reasons for resistance
        · Components of change management
        · Tangibles and intangible methods
        · The Emotional Cycle of Change

      Course Evaluation and Close


    All Participants Shall Also Receive

    1. Course slides in digital and printed format
    2. Bronze memberships to Nexview Online
    3. Digital copies of Eric’s book, Sales & Operations Planning RESULTS
    4. Free follow-up access to Eric for later questions

    Time & Venue :

    This Conference will be conducted:
    On October 5, 2018
    J.W Marriott Hotel - Jakarta


    · Managing Principal, Nexview Consulting, LLC
    · 23 years consulting & teaching across 5 continents
    · Projects have delivered in excess of $500MM in benefits
    · Author of Sales and Operations Planning RESULTS and numerous articles
    · Clients include: Chevron, Huntsman, FMC, Constellation Wines, Wyeth, Marathon Oil, Firestone, Basell, PTT, Petronas, Church & Dwight, Bayer, Cantel Medical, Cymer


    "I now know what steps to take.”
    “Excellent instructor, I wish to join him again in other workshops.”
     “I liked the examples from each lesson.”
    “Knowledgeable instructor, very accommodating.”
    “Eric gave us a clear and concise presentation to fit our needs.”
    “I liked that the concepts from the presentation were reinforced by the case study.”
    “I really like the templates shared during the course, they are very useful!”
    “We are now pumped up and determined to design and deploy our own S&OP process!”
    “Eric has real world experience and knowledge of best practices that can help all levels of the organization.”  


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